"The War of the Worlds" Signed Fine Art Print by Jack Faragasso

"The War of the Worlds" Signed Fine Art Print by Jack Faragasso

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“The War of the Worlds” Signed Fine Art Print by Jack Faragasso

Jack’s 1967 original cover art creation used in the 1967 version of this classic science fiction novel by H.G. Wells.

The cover has been re-mastered and duplicated from the original book cover.

43cm x 28cm, 80# acid free fine art paper.

(**Please Note: There is some pixilation of this image, as it is an enlargement of the original)

About Jack Faragasso:

At 91 years of age, in the middle of New York City there is a hidden gem. His name is Jack Faragasso. Every day he makes his way up and down a four-story walk up apartment (66 steps in total) while carrying his cane and his grocery bags.

What is at the end of this stairway to heaven? Is there a pot of gold? Is there a magical fairy that is going to grant you three wishes of your choice? Not quite, these 66 stairs will lead you to a small, rent controlled studio apartment with no Wi-Fi connection, no air conditioning (only an old floor fan), and no television.

His only source of news and weather is an old AM Radio, which he’s had almost all his life. He still listens to classical music playing his vinyl records on his record player.

Jack Faragasso is an artist, instructor, and author who lives alone with no wife or children. He has lived in Manhattan for over 60 years, and has taught at The Art Students League of New York for over 48 years. Teaching and creating art from morning to night has allowed him to gain the title of “Instructor Emeritus”. He has written The Student’s Guide to Painting which is now known as “The Bible” to anyone who wants to learn to paint.

His other book, Mastering Drawing The Human Figure From Life, Memory, Imagination is the most sought after book for anyone of any age who is interested in drawing, painting or sculpting.

His book The Early Photographs of Bettie Page tells the story of when he was a young art student who was given the opportunity to photograph Bettie Page, who later became one of the most popular pinup girls ever. The book includes his original photographs and it is quite a story!

Jack wants the world to continue to enjoy his work, art, and books. Most importantly, Jack wants the world to know that love is still possible, never dies, and continues far beyond… into the afterlife.

Written by Christopher Rivoli